New Path to Doctorate of Nursing Practice Coming to John Hopkins in 2017

John Hopkins School of Nursing, a global leader of nursing education, will roll out an additional pathway to its prestigious Doctorate of Nursing Practice in the fall of 2017. The school, which ranks #1 nationally and #6 online for graduate nursing programs, is excited to offer a new, seamless advancement in nursing.

The program, which is currently awaiting MHEC approval, will allow nurses who currently hold a generalist MSN nursing degree or a bachelor of science in nursing degree, to advance to a clinical nurse specialist or nurse practitioner level.

Dean Patricia Davidson is excited about offering the pathway to nurses. When commenting about the option, she says “…it opens a wider door for nurses to enter in obtaining the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the most complex health care and system issues across the world.”

Students will have the ability to choose a combination of online and campus courses with a flexible schedule. Study plans will include both a three-year and four-year option and will include hands-on clinical training.

The current two-year “Executive DNP” program will continue to be offered to students currently holding an MSN degree in a specialty field.

Both programs will offer DNP graduates the advanced skills and knowledge in a variety of important topics in healthcare including chronic illness, illness prevention and population health. Graduates will also be taught essential leadership skills and cost-cutting techniques.

John Hopkins School of Nursing continually seeks ways to keep up with the evolution of the nursing role in healthcare, most recently adding a cohort program in Saudi Arabia. It was also named the Most Innovative Nursing Graduate Program in the US by Best Master of Science in Nursing Degrees.

The new pathway comes during a time when the US has seen a massive growth in demand for DNP graduates due to physician shortages.