Frequently Asked Questions About the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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It’s in a nurse’s nature to be inquisitive. Asking questions is all part of the job when assessing health conditions and getting down to all the whats, wheres and whens behind the things that bring patients into the clinic. But it goes deeper than that too. Nurses tend to be voracious readers, hungry for knowledge and eager to learn anything that’s going to make them better at the job.

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And for any nurse serious about taking that propensity to learn and improve themselves all the way to the top, a DNP is definitely on the radar. But just gearing up to earn a DNP comes with a lot of questions, not to mention all the things that come up along the way once you’re in that program and grinding through the course material.

It’s a big expense and a big commitment, and although it comes with a big pay-off in the end, there’s still a lot to consider even before submitting that application and securing those student loans.

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Here you’ll find the answers to all the big and little questions would-be DNP students and current nursing doctoral students have. We’ll be updating our FAQs frequently as new questions come in.



Can I Do My DNP Internship Where I Work?

Do DNP Programs Include an Internship?

How Long Does a DNP Program Take?

How Much More Can I Earn with a DNP?

Is Financial Assistance Available to Earn a DNP?

Is a DNP Worth It?

What are the Major Professional Organizations for DNP Nurses?

What Courses Are in a DNP Program?

What Does it Cost to Earn a DNP?

What Is a Direct Entry DNP?

What Is a DNP Capstone Project?

What is a BSN to DNP?

What is a DNP Nurse?

What is an MSN to DNP?



SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19): Latest Updates and FAQs

In an effort to keep NPs and other frontline nurses ahead of the curve with vital information concerning COVID-19, we’re updating this section on a continual basis and adding new guidance daily. Check back frequently for the latest information.

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